Roddy Fitzgerald


Roddy Fitzgerald combines realism and classicism to create stories representing the contemporary human experience. Fitzgerald’s potpourri of work experience is a framework for an assortment of reality to embody. Aside from completing a BA in Political Science with a concentration in Business Administration at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, he has held jobs in everything from short order cook to executive assistant to document specialist to bar manager. His desire for a fulfilled and complete life—unrestricted by the turbulent black/white dynamics of the South—propelled expression, and oil on canvas was his initial pursuit.

Underlining his ideas is the inspiration of Rodin’s “The Thinker.” Told all his life to get out of his head, Fitzgerald associated the iconic bust with a philosophy that thought is the onus for action or inaction. For this reason, voyeurism, observation and mental gathering always inhabit his artistic process.

“Life” is a representation of who we see throughout our individual journeys.  The process of embracing a different culture, color or sect allows for an enhanced understanding of who we are, and ultimately creates space for a harmonious society.