The Raunchy Rawhide Chicken


DJ REVEREND STONED EYE’s repertoire is deeply rooted in the 12-bar blues theme. By adding extra pizzazz from exotic genres such as Rocksteady, Cumbia and Calypso, he has been honing his own style behind the turntables for the past 20 years. Yes sir, that is right – no CDs or mp3s are ever allowed in the toolbox of this fine gentleman.







DJ SONOFLONO is an avid hunter and gatherer of all things scratchy and dusty, DJ SONOFLONO can be considered one of the stalwarts of the vintage vinyl records DJ scene in and around Basel. With a 10-year track record of gigs throughout Switzerland, Germany and the US, he is not only one half of the 50s/60s R&B DJ collective THE MUDDY RIVER YA YAs, but also the mastermind behind several successful projects, such as the frenetic RAUNCHY RAWHIDE CHICKEN nights, the Southern-themed SUPERGUMBO series as well as the Mod/Soul parties THE GRIP and SOUL BOAT.