Check out these amazing sounds from Better Days resident, DJ YSL! If you like what you hear, venture over to her SoundCloud profile to find more of her unique musical styles.


Sarah Reid, a captivating performance

Sarah Reid’s dynamic and captivating performance astounded the Better Days crowd on Friday night. Her booming voice and musical sophistication were so impressive that we’d dearly love to work with her again. Find a sample of images from the evening below and the entire image set here.


An evening with Solange

Solange electrified the Volkshaus on Wednesday night; an exciting feature of the Better Days program in the vein of her recent collaborations with Mickalene Thomas. With attendance from notable artists Tracey Emin and Adrian Wong, the evening was a spectacular success. See various highlights below and the complete gallery here.



Basel local, Sarah Reid, takes the Better Days floor tonight with a heavily anticipated set of experimental music, poetry and sound. Sarah possesses a developed and idiosyncratic style, reflective of her experience in her native Toronto. In her own words, “Sarah would like to be a big ball of vibrating, sonic[…]



Following her energetic performance on Tuesday evening, Sweden’s Jasmine Kara has been the subject of much excited conversation amongst the Better Days crew. She performs again tonight, and we eagerly await what surprises round two will bring. Please join us for the third installment of Better Days, with sets from[…]



Solange will make her much anticipated appearance at the Volkshaus, tonight! With sets from DJs YSL and Derrick Adams, this evening’s programming is amongst the highlights of the Better Days calendar. Doors open at 5pm. Please arrive early to confirm your place and engage the experience of art and music that[…]



The party begins tonight!!! With performances from: JASMINE KARA DJ YSL SIMON de PURY DERRICK ADAMS Celebrate the official opening of Better Days and play a part in one of Mickalene Thomas’ most ambitious installations to date. Check the events page for details.   Check out footage recorded at our[…]


Welcome to our bar crew

With installation now complete we have the pleasure of introducing the fantastic crew who will manage the bar throughout the event. An integral part of the Better Days team, and to the project itself, our expert mixologists will serve cocktails invented by Mickalene Thomas, specifically for Better Days.

6.5.13 FeathuredImage(2)

INSTALLATION: Approaching total transformation

With much of the structural elements in place, work proceeds on developing aesthetic features that will bring the architecture toward the vision of Mickalene Thomas. The site, now transformed almost entirely, embodies an idiosyncratic and otherworldly atmosphere. Immersed completely, one’s spatial experience is formed according to the complex narratives, cultural[…]


INSTALLATION: The structure edges nearer to completion

After months of preparation, co-ordination and planning, Better Days is finally becoming a reality! We are constantly amazed as the space exceeds all our expectations, with exciting developments taking place every day. The project has been made all the more enjoyable by our strong construction team, whose dedication has seen them[…]